What We're Doing

  • Animals Africa has established the Rwanda Wildlife Sanctuary & Science Education Center (RwandaSEC) as a venue for Rwandese to learn about their environment and to participate in protecting the environment in a sustainable manner. 
  • Animals Africa has been serving as a rescue/rehabilitation center for street animals. We are bringing these animals back to good health and then finding forever homes for them.
  • Animals Africa is increasing the capacity of the local veterinary profession by training Veterinary Technicians and providing high quality Veterinary care to the public.
  • Animals Africa has established the Ingabo Women's Cooperative to assist local women in developing economic independence.
  • Animals Africa is providing career opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • Animals Africa has created a model farm to both educate local farmers in environmentally sustainable agricultural techniques and to generate income for the Project insuring our own sustainability.
This Project is a 501(c)3 public charity as determined by the IRS. Animals Africa is developing a model farm which demonstrates organic agriculture and green livestock - our intent is train local farmers (especially women) to farm in an environmentally-sound way, whilst producing higher value crops/products. Additionally, this model farm will provide an income stream for the Project. We have created the Ingabo Womens Cooperative that is cultivating 2 hectares of our land. Our cooperative has 88 members - women from our local community. We are working with them to develop not only agricultural activities, but also handicraft skills building for additional revenue generation - increasing the economic well-being of these members and their families. Animals Africa promotes opportunities for people with disabiliities. We currently support three disabled students to attend school; two in secondary school and one at university studying education. Emmanuel, our university student, is teaching our staff English and upon completion of his studies will join our Sanctuary as our Education Officer.


General Information

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